What we do

We make our apps and themes from scratch.
EGANY developers carefully craft every line of code and every pixel we deliver.
Our focused areas:

Theme Development

We offer more than 30 eCommerce themes for Shopify, Haravan, Sapo, and WordPress. From PSD, Sketch to HTML, our front-end wizards can turn design mockups into a fully functional site in no time.


Web App

Our web apps help online sellers, store owners boost sales, save costs, and enhance shopper experiences. We are the leading web app provider on platforms like #SPF, Haravan, Sapo.


Mobile App

We offer custom mobile development service. Our mobile apps templates help developers all around the world save up to 1000 hours of coding time.



Because we care with our hearts.

Here are just some of the benefits you get by choosing us as your partner.

High-Quality Solution

We don’t just give you lines of code. What we deliver is a full-fledged solution for your project.

Non-expiring Support

We take pride in our code quality. Therefore, if any bug jumps into your code, drop us a line.

Project Manager with Tech Background

Our managers grew from engineer position; they know all the ins and outs of software development projects.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

We’d never claim any rights to your designs and ideas. We will sign an NDA prior to working with you.

Ninja Team

We build a small team with big impact. You have a chance of working with an all-star team in front-end development.

Custom Projects

Tell us about your request, and receive the best solution you can get on the market. We can show you our portfolio of 100+ completed projects since 2014.

Think We’d Be a Match?