We strive our best to help our customers achieve their targets with our best services. EGANY developers carefully craft every line of code and every pixel we deliver.

Mobile App Development

We work with customers to develop cross-platform mobile applications (iOS & Android). From news to eCommerce, basic to advanced request, we always have the optimal mobile solutions.

Web App Development

We are among the leading application developers on eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Haravan, and Sapo. Work with us to ensure a flawless integration to your eCommerce site.

Shopify Development

We can build customized apps and themes for your Shopify, Haravan or Sapo store. Whatever function you desire for your eCommerce site, we will make it from scratch for the best performance.

Front-end Coding

You have a beautiful design (PSD, AI, Sketch) but don’t know how to start. We will help to convert any design into a pixel perfect HTML template.

Email Template Coding

The copy-writer sends you the email template, but your marketer can’t code. Our front-end wizards will transform it into a responsive email template and make it run in your email software.

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